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  1. Arashijin
    Hello! my name is legends. (osrs username: 1egendz) and i would like to make a suggestion for a new abyssal whip cosmetic! I've had the idea for a while, and a few people had told me to put it up here on the reddit for a possible future poll.
  2. Mezinris
    Mar 05,  · I remember most of the food at Disney left me feeling a bit lathargic and ready for a food coma, and the Dole whip/float was not one of them. Not that that’s a bad thing, it just makes the dole whip stand out as something I could eat and not slow me down at all. As for why it’s the stuff of legends?
  3. Zulkishakar
    After playing this game since open beta i have alot of ideas in my head and will begin posting a few of them, all feedback is Greatly appreciated.:) Arya, The whip of Ionia Primary Role: Marksman Secondary Role: Assassin Description Arya is a Short ranged marksman with strong CC and brutal close.
  4. Mazil
    the true legend in history ~ Brilliant and memorable are the lasting impressions you have after reading the final chapter of the debut novel, "THE WHIP" by Karen Kondazian. It is a novel commemorating a true legend of the Gold Rush Era in the person of a woman who survives the struggles of joblessness by reinventing herself.
  5. Mazushakar
    Each whip stays as an impassable wall for 3 seconds. *** So this is my take on a whip wielding Darkin. Designed for midlane. Pardon me if abilities are similar to other concepts, I didn't intend it. I was informed prior to posting that there was a whip wielding Darkin concept out there already, but I think this one has more uniqueness to the kit.
  6. Jurg
    And i do loke the idea of a whip as it leaves actual options for characters to be designed fron unlike scythe. In short i hate scythe and hated the idea if it from yhe start, a whip leaves options that can make sense and would make sense if you could control the direction it sends you like scythe does.

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